Crafts To Make And Sell

Crafts To Make And Sell
Crafts To Make And Sell

Crafts To Make And SellI’ve prepared a long list of good selling crafts and the types of places that repeatedly buy them. So, whether you’re looking for a craft that sells easily or you already have a favorite craft and you’re looking for people to buy them, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re making items that people want to buy. You, too, can make money offering customers what they’re looking for.

For three decades I’ve been making handmade items of all kinds, for all kinds of customers. Some of my crafts have been bought and shipped overseas. (I’m in Colorado.) Because I want to make as much money as possible with my crafts, I’ve been studying closely what sells well and what doesn’t. I’ve discovered that the crafts that sell well have several things in common ~ even if the crafts themselves are very different. And crafts that didn’t sell well had other things in common! Once I figured out these many secrets, I was well on my way to selling every craft I made ~~ and life was better.

The main book has over 100 pages, which include DOZENS of specific crafting ideas. Most of the crafts have several variations, so you can make them uniquely your own. And what’s equally important, you’ll discover why these particular crafts sell better than others. Once you understand why something sells and why another thing doesn’t, you can apply these principals to any craft and evaluate if it’s going to be a good seller before you put your time, effort and money into making it. Furthermore, if you already have a craft you love making ~~ but it’s not selling as well as you had hoped ~~ you can take the principals presented in this book and compare them to your craft item or your method of marketing them. You’ll quickly see how to BOOST your sales!

We’re all unique individuals ~~ which is why our handmade items are so special. For this reason, I’ve included a wide variety of craft options in a vast array of mediums ~~ cloth, leather, wood, tile, paint, yarn, ink, stone, etc. So, if you don’t have a craft you love making, you can find one that’s just right for YOU. Or if you already have a craft, you’ll learn how to make them more marketable and where to find customers who want to buy them. Thirty years of experience selling crafts cannot be put into a small pamphlet. It’s not theory and it’s not fluff. It’s useful information that will help you choose the craft that fits both you and your wonderful future craft-buying customers!

~~~ Testimonials ~~~ Here’s what crafters are emailing in about the ‘Crafts To Make And Sell’ ebook package:

No problems downloading the file, didn’t even take that long. I am still reading through it, but have focused on a couple of key areas of interest about filling a niche and doing wood working. The Google section was excellent and really helped with marketing research. The types of crafts I want to market receive more than a million search hits a month, so that gives me confidence that I’m on the right track. Thanks again! Bill Herr (Kansas)

As you can see from these testimonials, readers of this crafting ebook package are quickly learning how to develop new products and find new customers. These clever crafters paid only $19.95 for this information. But they’ll earn 10 to 100 times as much money as they implement what they’re learning.


1. Finding crafts to make and sell. 2. Determining what sells — and why. 3. Looking past the ordinary — making something unique. 4… Read more…

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